2. Advanced safeguarding for designated safeguarding leads

Advanced safeguarding for designated safeguarding leads

This course is designed to develop the skills and knowledge of those staff members within settings who have greater responsibilities within safeguarding, including those with designated safeguarding lead (DSL) status. The course is constantly updated in the light of changes in law, policy and practice and therefore also serves as a useful refresher for those who have undertaken DSL training before.

Key outcomes

  • Clarify the statutory role of designated safeguarding leaders;
  • Refresh knowledge of key legislation, guidance and local procedures;
  • Explore key safeguarding policy and procedures;
  • Learn how to make child protection and early intervention referrals, how to escalate concerns
  • Learn about their role in the child protection process;
  • Support and manage the safeguarding skills of staff and volunteers; and
  • Reflect on current practice.

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