Snippets of feedback from the TALK Speech & Language Therapy team (attachment and trauma training):

‘The training was very powerful due to the personal experience shared and highly practical with lots of strategies.’

‘We were given very practical strategies and the personal anecdotes used brought theory to life.’

‘The training was useful, insightful and key for all of us who work with children and families.’

‘Very informative session – lots to think about.’

‘Emma was extremely knowledgeable and able to give relevant examples to illustrate all that she talked through.’

‘I think all educators need this training and it is easy to underestimate the support that these children need.’

Sarah Salman, Head of Knowle West Nursery School (of training delivered in partnership with Delegated Services):

‘I enjoyed the Prevent training – it was very bespoke, comprehensive and extremely helpful. 10/10 for relevance, being up to date, accuracy and quality of training delivery. I learned a huge amount. It clarified my thinking and supported the development of our practice. The part I will take away with me most would be the linking of the fundamental British values into our own values document ‘we all belong’ – it’s now much more explicit. As a result, we aim to update all of our values documents. I would absolutely recommend this training to other settings – I always find Mandy’s training so helpful and amazing. Thank you.’

Tony Weir, Deputy Head and SENCO, St John’s Primary (of training delivered in partnership with Delegated Services):
‘I enjoyed all the training – it was in depth, clear, practical, and full marks for relevance, being up to date, accuracy and quality of training delivery. Highlights for me were: learning about the local threshold document, the need to professionally challenge, how to support safeguarding needs of staff, and listening to the pupil’s voice using Signs of Safety. I learned how to refer more effectively and updated my knowledge of law and guidance. I know I will be putting in better referrals as a result of this training and I will encourage staff to challenge safeguarding decisions of First Response. I would certainly recommend this training to others – it was excellent.’

Jess Winkler, Designated Safeguarding Lead, University of the West of England:

‘Thanks so much for the training, it was really high quality. With the best training there is so much more to it than the slides and with this training there was tons of info that couldn’t possibly be captured in the slides alone. It was great how much your knowledge and experience underpinned it and how much info you managed to put into the exercises, e.g. the threshold exercise alone generated so much important learning! For a key small group of us we really need the level of detail that you provide and I’ve had lots of great feedback since from those people. I’m also part of a local safeguarding university network (so Bristol, Bath and Bath spa) and I’ll definitely recommend it to them.’

Alex Smith, SEN LSA, Hannah More Primary School:

“I would absolutely recommend this [attachment and trauma] training to others. I learned so much – enough to take away and put into practice and more to go away and learn. I enjoyed seeing things from the child’s perspective, and learning about different [attachment] styles.”

Zan MacKenzie, Speech & Language Therapist, TALK:

“I found the [attachment and trauma] training extremely informative and detailed. The trainer was very knowledgeable and the session allowed for lots of reflection on practice. I have been reminded that I should not underestimate the value of being ‘present’, even if ‘learning’ doesn’t always happen.”

Jet Davis, Deputy Headteacher, St Paul’s Nursery School and Children’s Centre:

‘I would recommend ‘Advanced Safeguarding’. I enjoyed the chance on to discuss safeguarding ideas with others and working through the scenarios. The ‘cribsheet’ with the all the responsibilities of the Designated Safeguarding Lead taken from statutory guidance was really useful. There was a lot to get through!’

Joel Douglas, Assistant Tutor, St Pauls Youth Centre:

‘I recommend this training because Mandy Parry is amazing! She was a very engaging and enthusiastic teacher with sound knowledge. I learned how easy it was to ‘shrug off’ an instinctive concern about a children, and how a lot of research and case studies show this can the first and devastating decision. I’ll take away new knowledge about ‘fundamental British values’.

Meg Wilson, Headteacher, St Bernards Catholic Primary School (of training delivered in partnership with Delegated Services):

‘Our Safeguarding Basic Awareness training at the start of the year was an opportunity for us to discuss safeguarding issues with colleagues. We were made aware of the new updated statutory guidance, Keeping Children Safe in Education and Working Together to Safeguarding Children. The important thing I took away with me was learning about the new ‘Graded Care Profile’ which is an evidence based tool to identify levels of neglect – and that further training is available from BSCB. I would recommend this training to others – there was a good clear informative presentation, with lots of appropriate details given. We also discussed Serious Case Reviews which was valuable – it is really important to remember and learn from mistakes.’

Helen Gilmore, Matron, The Downs School, Wraxall:

‘I would definitely recommend this training. We really enjoyed our excellent speaker on our training. She kept people’s attention, was very approachable and made it easy to ask questions. It was good to break into groups and discuss issues with colleagues. We learned all about the latest legislation, guidance and procedures. The most important message that will stay with me was knowing that we should always share our concerns, and to always do something.’

Domestic Violence and Abuse training for BAND, Bristol:

‘The best part of the course was the group discussion to encourage independent thoughts, also learning about the power and control wheel and the different types of abuser, ‘No excuse for abuse’, knowing how to speak to people who are going through domestic abuse and to let them know help is there and all the in depth knowledge of DVA. As a result of doing this course I will be more aware of children’s behaviour and recognise more signs of DVA, I will be more direct when asking a parent if everything is ok and I am much more confident in knowing where to look for support for them. I enjoyed this course – very engaging. Mandy was excellent and we could have stayed longer.’

Julie Tantrum, Learning Mentor, Wellsway School (of Advanced Safeguarding Training in partnership with Delegated Services):

‘I really enjoyed the friendly, very informative and approachable trainer. The fact that it was inhouse training meant it was a good teambuilding exercise too – and with no travelling. I learned about the importance of threshold documents when making a referral and escalating a concern. Recommended training – very informative, included policies that we can use in our setting.’

Barry Farrimond, CEO, OpenUp Music:

‘I loved having the time and space to talk through everything. I learned so much! It was awesome to have had the chance to play out real world scenarios – and the most important thing I will take away is to trust my instincts. I would recommend this training, yes! Mandy did a great job of lifting the policies and procedures off the page and into the real world.’

Sinead Walsh, Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding, Oasis Academy New Oak:

‘I went on Mandy’s Prevent training and found the information on fundamental British values extremely useful. I was able to take this back to my school and share with the children. In our recent Ofsted inspection the children were clearly able to answer what they knew by Democracy and Mutual Tolerance and Respect.’

Audrey Bennett, Director of Specialist Centre, Oasis Academy Brislington:

‘I enjoyed the [Advanced Safeguarding] training – it was informal yet professional. It was good to share ideas with other like-minded colleagues. I would recommend this training to others – it was very helpful.’

Shaun McGrath, Student Progress Leader, Oasis Academy John Williams:

‘I recommend this [Advanced Safeguarding] training – it is essential. The role play was very enlightening – I took away how important it was to always take action immediately.’

Andrea Rea, Vice Principal, Oasis Academy John Williams:

‘I enjoyed having space and time to reflect on current practices and consider changes for the new academic year. The [Advanced Safeguarding] training prompted the need for me to plan supervision more strategically for my team, given the mental health considerations of people engaged in safeguarding.’

Sarah Timms, Parent Support Assistant, Locking School:

‘I enjoyed everything about this training! The interaction, the good atmosphere, the non-judgemental and open approach – and the good learning. In particular I learned how to practically plan and carry out an effective supervision session – the discussion on the supervision agenda was most useful. I am now aware of the need to share the importance of supervision. Brilliant training – recommended.’

Paul Cox, Pastoral Manager, Milton Park Primary School:

‘I recommend this course. It is focussed and engaging and the trainer is very good and knowledgeable. I learned about the structure and purpose of Effective Supervision, and enjoyed working with my colleagues on the role plays and groupwork exercises. Most importantly I learned that there are many different approaches to supervision – it isn’t about ‘one size fits all’.’

Fiona Bennett, Family Support and Deputy Safeguarding Lead:

‘This [effective supervision] course was a good refresher for me. It was useful to focus on supervision in an educational context. I learned about the GROW Model and felt it would be particularly helpful when working with both staff and parents. I would recommend this course to others as it gives a good overview of supervision and how it can be made more effective.’

Karen Westlake, Childminder, South Gloucestershire:

‘I enjoyed all of the training. In particular I learned information about Prevent and I now have the confidence to report to ART or the Police. I would recommend this training – go along, it’s an interesting course.’

Di Willcox, Childminder, South Gloucestershire:

‘Recommend this course – very informative. The pace and level of interaction were really enjoyable. It was useful to learn about the non-mobile baby policy and the need to ask for birthmarks when we take on new non-mobile babies.’

Maxine Gielty, Childminder, South Gloucestershire:

‘Everything about this training was enjoyable. It was clear and easy to follow and understand. I think I’ve learned to be more confident when approaching safeguarding. I will definitely now review my own safeguarding policy. Recommend this training to others – it’s very thorough and clear.

Jenny Lear, Sam Brain, Alison Blain, , Michelle Laurence, Julie Stockwell, Childminders, South Gloucestershire:

Very informative – gave us the confidence to carry out procedures – would highly recommend.

Laura CrewSys, Speech and Language Therapist, TALK Speech and Language Therapy:

‘The attachment and trauma training was absolutely fantastic! Emma drew on a wealth of knowledge and resources to make the content invaluable, and on personal experience which really brought it to life. This is essential training for anyone that works with children. Thanks so much.’

Annette Dickson, Assistant Manager, Four Acres Children’s Centre:

‘Emma (Spillane) delivered a good balance of activities and presentation, and all information was interesting. I learned how important the early years of children’s lives are and how their experiences can impact right through. I think all teaching staff/LSAs and Early Years Practitioners should have this training.’

Rachel Browning, Speech and Language Therapist, Talk Speech and Language Therapy:

‘I learned so much in the Advanced Safeguarding course! Especially about the gaps in my knowledge – for instance I hadn’t heard of Signs of Safety at all. There was great insight into policy writing and the changes needing to be made to policies. The most important part for me was the refresher on how to actually make a referral. A good range of activities. I would recommend this training to others – Mandy delivers the training in a sensitive and thought-provoking way.’

J. Hoye, Head, St John’s Primary School:

‘The [advanced safeguarding] training had a good balance of activity and input, including ‘tests’ to reflect on knowledge and practice. I was updated on Signs of Safety (the most important part for me) and learned much more about the referral process. I do recommend this training – it was very clear and knowledgeable!’

Jocelyn Baker, Headteacher, St Joseph’s RC Primary School:

‘This [advanced safeguarding] training was highly effective in delivering key thinking around safeguarding. It was informative, reflective and makes you evaluate your current practice. I enjoyed the interactive aspect of the training – there was a mixture of activities that were all pertinent. It was very informative and I learned loads, including information on the Signs of Safety approach, safeguarding policies, how multi agencies interact to safeguard children, and the importance of safeguarding supervision. The main thing I will take away is the belief that whatever we do, if we keep the child’s needs at the centre, then we won’t go far wrong!’

Cindy Macldern, Student at City of Bristol College (Female Genital Mutilation training):

‘Pam [Young] made you feel at ease; the slides and contents were informative and easy to follow. The training consolidated and built on my existing knowledge. The main point that stayed with me was the importance of not jumping to conclusions regarding different cultures and their beliefs. Yes I would recommend this training to others and I would emphasise that we will always need updating on this subject.’

Jo Jenkin, Adoption Panel Chair, CCS Adoption:

‘I enjoyed the lively style of the trainer who kept things moving and gave good examples which brought the material alive. It was useful to receive an update on Bristol procedures and national laws and guidance. The thing I will take away is the need to be alert that there are adults out there who are likely to abuse. I would recommend this training to others – it was wide-ranging, and yet to the point!’

Catherine Graham, Trustee, CCS Adoption:

‘The training was very clear and well-structured and in particular I learned about key guidance documents to go away and read. Recommended as a good intro to safeguarding.’

Laura Holbrook, Sessional Worker, CCS Adoption:

‘It was good to refresh and update my working knowledge of Child Protection. I learned more of about the working practice of our team, who to report concerns to and ideas for further research. I have been left with a continuing awareness of the importance of never being complacent and thinking ‘I won’t see this here.’ I recommend this course as essential training for those working with children.’

Claire Mannering, Sessional Worker, CCS Adoption:

‘The delivery and pace of this training was excellent, and it really increased my knowledge and awareness of safeguarding. Would definitely recommend it to others as it was important information delivered in an expert way.’

Jules Cox, Director, Bristol Mediation:

‘Would absolutely recommend this training to others!! Mandy’s facilitation enabled great understanding and sharing, and overall it was an excellent session. There was a great mix of slides, group work and discussions. During the training I was reassured that our existing policies and procedures are appropriate – and also what great shared knowledge there was in our volunteers. It was great to share our thoughts with Mandy and to understand that we are doing all the right things in regard to Child Protection.’

Kim Peck, Inclusion Administrator, Cotham School:

‘The training was very informative and interactive. Before the training, I didn’t know how Case Conferences looked at all so I learned a lot about the Case Conference process. I would recommend this course to others, it’s very good and will leave you with a clear understanding of Safeguarding.’

Mary Moore, Learning Coordinator, Cotham School:

‘The training gave us an opportunity to discuss scenarios with colleagues and explore how systems work together – moving from an individual agency’s concern to a case conference where all the information comes together. The key learning for me is knowing that if there is any doubt at all, to record it, share with appropriate colleagues and refer on. I would recommend this training – it gives a good grounding in Safeguarding.’

Hannah Webb-Martin, Key Stage 4 Behaviour Support Manager, Cotham School:

‘I enjoyed all the discussion and the role play, and learned lots more about legislation, and case conferences. I would recommend this course to others as it was informative and really relevant to working in education.’

Jackie Ireland, Deputy Head & Safeguarding Lead, Knowle West Children’s Centre:

‘We recently had an Inset Day facilitated by Mandy Parry. Mandy has been facilitating our Safeguarding Training for several years and we will continue to work with her as her sessions generally include a mixture of her standard sessions and other topics which we have asked her to include.

Mandy is aware of the broad range of qualifications, skills and experience that our staff team have and her sessions always encourage them to participate and ask questions. The staff feel “safe” in these sessions to explore their feelings and to talk about any issues.

I would recommend Mandy Parry to other organisations for the above reasons but also that she will tailor the sessions to meet our specific requirements.’

Ann Peachey, Chair of Trustees, Youth Moves:

‘It was good to be updated on our safeguarding responsibilities through discussion with other members of our team. Our biggest learning was clarity around the law and the primary importance of effective safeguarding. I would absolutely recommend this training and say that it was vitally important.’

Sarah Jarrett, Senior Early Years Worker, Little Hayes Nursery and Children’s Centre (for Advanced Safeguarding course run in partnership with Delegated Services):

‘Brilliant delivery, very informative and a nice bunch of folk! I will aim to read more Serious Case Reviews and to use Signs of Safety more within my practice. I would recommend this training to others – but make sure Mandy Parry is the facilitator!’ 

Michelle Engley, Acting Headteacher, Bowsland Green Primary School (for Advanced Safeguarding course run in partnership with Delegated Services):

‘I would recommend this course – it is relevant and up to date. Mandy is very knowledgeable and is happy to discuss and clarify any point.  I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on my own practice – it was positive to reflect on my strengths! – and to discuss the issues with other professionals. It was useful to refer to Serious Case Reviews. I realise I need to recap on everyone’s understanding of Prevent and I am definitely going to share the Code of Conduct from the Safer Recruitment Consortium.’

James Wetz, Manager, Bristol Steiner School:

We engaged Mandy Parry Training to undertake an audit of the School’s safeguarding processes. Mandy was responsive to the school’s needs, providing clear scoping of the work which needed to be undertaken, was flexible in adapting to the School’s requirements. We then commissioned Mandy to write a range of related safeguarding policies for the School. She attended to detail in a rigorous way, and completed the work within the agreed time frame and to budget. Overall the service we got was responsive, analytical, and demonstrated clarity. Our school now has a set of policies that can inform practice which will enable it to be compliant with all safeguarding requirements across all the School’s activities. This was an outstanding result for the budget that was agreed. We would recommend Mandy Parry training without reservation. This is a provider that is responsive, flexible, thorough and professional.’ 

Marie Hughes, Education Officer, TUC:

‘I enjoyed gaining the benefits of Mandy’s experience and knowledge of safeguarding. I felt I learned a number of key things I needed to know and what I wanted our volunteers to know – particularly when to take action. The most important thing I will take away was the necessity of having a child centred approach and talk about having a culture of vigilance that can prevent abuse. I would recommend this training – it gives a great basic awareness of issues.’

Paula Brown, Deputy Manager, St Matthews playgroup, Kingsdown:

‘I enjoyed that the training was really well-informed and learned loads of stuff, bits and bobs that backed up concepts. The most important thing I will take away with me is the need to put the child at the centre of our practice and to watch for our own biases. I would recommend the training – it was very well-informed, clear and well-paced.’

Emma Simpson, Adoption Team Manager, CCS Adoption:

‘I liked the opportunity to get the whole team together to have a refresher around Safeguarding – and to look at them from an adoption perspective – that was really helpful. The team found it really interesting to look at serious case reviews involving adoption. Yes, I would recommend MPT training to others.’

Louisa Tickner-Jenkins, Childminder:

‘I enjoyed all the training – a good mix of activities and direct learning. Great presentation style, engaging, and a good links of theory to practice. Highly recommend. I have been on lots of Child Protection training over the years, and this has been by far the best. Excellent trainer.’

Mubarak Mohamud, Director, Corals and Pearls Daycare:

‘I really liked the way you used examples to identify the issues. We could also see how passionately you felt about the subject which in turn made us very passionate.

We were able to get everyone in the training all together, and be more aware of Child Protection. Several of the candidates will be safeguarding leads with more people being interested. I would highly recommend Mandy’s training, so professional, so passionate, so personal. Thank you so much.’

Ali Goddard-Jones, Assistant Head Teacher, Cotham School:

‘Absolutely we would recommend your training – it was professional, engaging and thorough. We liked the level of communication which meant the training was tailored to meet our needs. We were able to update the skill and knowledge of our staff to manage safeguarding and child protection.’

Suzanne Allsopp, General Manager, Shine After School Club:

‘Safeguarding training with Pam Young was exactly what we wanted – it was full of content and lots to discuss. There was a lot of content packed into the time allowed. The training ensured all staff knew how to report concerns and and contextualised historical cases, relating them to our practice. We would definitely recommend the training to others – it was very professional.’

Kate Phillips, Director of Therapy, The Rainbow Centre for Children:

‘Thank you so much for the training yesterday evening. As I said, I thought it was excellent and motivating. I found your delivery compassionate and  professional. Despite the short time frame, you covered a huge area of information in depth, with an obvious wealth a knowledge behind you, and also allowed time and emotion to keep us connected to the reality and importance of safeguarding.’

Lucille Charles, Headteacher, St Bonaventure’s RC Primary School:

‘I enjoyed the pace of the training and that it allowed time to discuss issues and our action plans. I now have a clearer view of radicalization and a greater understanding of the Prevent Strategy. I would recommend this training to others.’ (feedback for Radicalisation and Extremism training, delivered for Delegated Services)

Rachel Browning, Director, Talk Speech and Language Therapy Ltd:

‘Thank you to Mandy Parry for an informative and thought-provoking Safeguarding Training session for our team of Speech and Language Therapists. Although this was a refresher course for most of us, we all learnt something new about best practice in supporting young and vulnerable children. We would thoroughly recommend Mandy to other practitioners and hope to work with her again in the future.’ 

Ingrid Sidmouth, Headteacher, Rowdeford School:

‘Thank you again for leading the Safeguarding/CP training on our staff development day. You achieved a very good blend of practical activity and input and it was a very thought-provoking and valuable morning. It doesn’t matter how often you do Safeguarding/CP training – you learn new things every time! I do hope that you’ll return and do more training for us in the future.’

Jilly Pridmore, Headteacher, St Barnabas School:

‘We felt that Mandy was professional, informative and clearly very experienced. I was very pleased that the FGM and Prevent were included, as these are so relevant to the community that we’re working with…The collaborative tasks were great as they gave us the opportunity to share and reassure.’

Jacqui Haigh, Music Inclusion Senior Co-Ordinator, Bristol Plays Music:

‘Mandy, you handled difficult subjects with sensitivity and great expertise, enabling participants to ask questions setting up an environment that encouraged people to speak up with any concerns. Your training helped us to understand that child protection is everybody’s responsibility in whatever role you are working with children and young people, and that safeguarding and child protection is not something to be ticked off a list, but ongoing learning. As a setting we realised we needed to be able to give space to tutors who often work in isolation to be confident in raising any concerns they may have. I would also add that in future we need to give enough time to move beyond the important information about legislation to applying learning to specific scenarios. Yes, I would recommend your training to others.’

Stewart McSmythurs, teacher, Holymead School:

‘Mandy facilitated valuable discussion amongst staff and this clarified details of classifying types and severity of abuse. It also led to valuable insights into different agencies viewpoints and informed staff of the local arrangements for categorising and levels of response to reports of concern or abuse. For some this was their first training and others were refreshing their training. All staff discussed recent serious case reviews and opened conversations about how concerns are classified. Staff deepened their understanding on the categories of abuse and new risks around e-safety.We would recommend the training we received to other school staff and those working with young people in other settings.’

Ana Tsoucalas, School Business Manager, Henbury Court Primary Academy, Little Mead Academy Trust:

‘Thank you for such a thorough and well-planned session; Pam engaged the staff well and covered everything we needed to know in a friendly and informative way. We will definitely be booking again.’

Marla Dunk, Manager Peter Pan Nursery:

‘What I liked about your training is how informative you were. We all found the training very useful and helpful as you touched on all areas that I hoped you would in the space of 3 hours which is brilliant. All staff are now aware of how to record information about suspected abuse and feel confident on how to spot signs from each area of abuse. All staff are aware of First Response which is good, and now know what they help and support they provide. Also all staff are more aware of what safeguarding means and how much of our work comes under the title of ‘Safeguarding’. You helped me become aware of what new policies I may need to put in place for our setting which was really helpful.  I would most definitely recommend your training!’

Louise Hunt, The Park Local Opportunity Centre, Knowle West:

‘Everyone fed back that the training was excellent!’

Carol de-Beger, Manager Noah’s Ark Preschool,Cairns Road Baptist Church:

‘Mandy – your safeguarding  training was thorough, well planned; easy to follow and clearly delivered. Your passion and knowledge was evident. There was plenty of opportunity to ask questions, which we appreciates. Everyone was able to updated their knowledge, and we would definitely recommend your training to others.’

Joel Edwards, Learning and Participation Manager, Royal West of England Academy:

‘Mandy clearly keeps up to date with all the latest studies, policies and legislation surrounding the complex issue of child protection. She has a thorough knowledge of the area and imparts this clearly and enthusiastically in her training sessions. As a setting we gained a better understanding of child protection policy in a broad sense, as well as learning about various organisations and services that can be approached should child protection issues arise for us. We would recommend the training to others. Mandy is knowledgeable and passionate about the subject and is a warm, approachable presenter.’

Vadna Chauhan, Children & Family Services Manager, Windmill Hill City Farm:

‘Mandy is very passionate about her subject. The Staff  team liked the fact that she talked about real life experiences throughout the training, and that it contained lots of useful and up to date information. It was a good refresher, and good for the team to revisit current legislation. And, yes, they would all recommend you!’

Lyndsay Winterbourne, Deputy Head, Woodstock School:

The training was well paced and the activities sparked discussion and reminded everyone to look at different issues from different perspectives. It was good to have time to discuss issues within our groups. We, as a school, have a great deal of contact with children for whom safeguarding is a big issue. It was interesting to notice the degrees to which some of these issues were relevant to individual children: the problem doesn’t always have a big, or readily apparent impact, but is still relevant. A good refresher on safeguarding issues and protocol particularly the kind of appropriate questions to ask if a child were to disclose any information. Mandy presented it well and moved on when needed. And I would certainly recommend her training to others!’

Sally Jobling HR Officer Barton Hill Settlement:

‘The training was pitched at the right level for the mixed ability in the room. Some of our staff had very recently received CP training whilst others had none, but everyone was able to contribute, and learn from each other too. The course content covered the level we expect all of our staff team to have. I would recommend Mandy’s training to others – I thought her experiences and honesty (especially her experiences as a teacher) brought an edge of expertise which I felt I was able to relate to and learn from.’

Simon Holmes, Head Teacher, St Philip’s Marsh Nursery School and Barton Hill Children’s Centre / Cashmore Early Years Centre:

‘Mandy created an open and trusting atmosphere that meant there was a real honesty and willingness to learn. What I liked most was that there was a lot of discussion in groups and people were able to talk and be listened to. I think the main goals achieved were a collective understanding of safeguarding and child protection as a priority, an understanding of the breadth and complexity of some issues and most importantly everyone understood: ‘Always tell someone!’ Regarding recommendation, definitely.’

Christine Screech, Senior Lecturer in English and Early Years Education, UWE:

‘I appreciated your flexibility and interactive nature of the training where students were invited to draw on their own experience as practitioners in settings.  The use of relevant case-studies also really made the students think.  As part of their training, early years teachers must receive high quality child protection/safeguarding training and this fitted the bill very effectively – thank you. I would recommend the training and so would my students!  Their comments were highly positive and many, who had had CP/safeguarding training before felt this was certainly the most useful and compelling session they’d had.’

Joe Brown, Lecturer Early Years Teacher Programme, Bath Spa University:

‘Mandy has a personal and informative style which engages students and supports debate about the main issues relating to practice. She is also good at addressing issues raised by students. I particularly liked the Information on thresholds which are so vital for early years professionals. I would recommend your training; it was an informative and engaging session.’

Lil Bowers, manager of the Southern Links Children Centre, said:

‘The new ‘Vision’ training was creative and extremely valuable. We were able to think about what we were trying to achieve for the whole community for the future, before then considering what we needed to do to make this a reality. This encouraged the team to think beyond the Centre in isolation or as a building, to how we can support the wider community to become all it can be. This enabled us to come up with a strapline and 3 aims for the Centre which were important to us. Mandy has a lively and engaging personality which, when mixed with her creativity, makes an informative and fun training experience. I would recommend Mandy if you are looking for an interactive and memorable training event. She thoroughly researches the subject matter to ensure she has the most up to date and accurate information and is able to adapt what she delivers to meet the needs of her audience.’

Flora Ttooulis, Bristol University Teacher Training:

‘The training was extremely sensitive, but highlighted exactly the different types of issues to be aware of, how to spot concerns and the necessary steps to take to prevent more harm being done. We achieved an in-depth understanding of child protection, the different types of abuse and what to do, if we have any concerns. I would absolutely recommend your training to others, in fact, I have already told my school we need some whole school training from you and I am going to book you again next year, for the next set of trainees! You made it very easy to ask sensitive and tricky questions, without making anybody feel judged and you were able to answer everybody’s questions during the day, through your extensive experience and up to date knowledge of the subject.’

Jess Crossley, Parent Support worker, Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol:

‘The training of ‘Talking to Your Children About Sex and Relationships was fun, relaxed & informative. I feel more confident talking about sex & relationships, and supporting parents to do this with their own children; I’ve got a lot more knowledge about area & issues that are relevant to parents. Would I recommend you? – YES, DEFINITELY!!!’

Bridget White, Children’s Centre Manager, Compass Point, South Bristol

‘Mandy carried out a full day Child Protection training session for staff from a local Community Nursery & Out of School Club and the Children’s Centre & school staff at Compass Point. Mandy is an excellent facilitator with a clear passion for the subjects she offers training on. Staff commented on how much they had learnt in the session and they were able to reflect on our current practice in terms of Child Protection & Safeguarding. Mandy gives up to date information which enables the settings to further develop their policies and procedures in line with current local and national policies. I would recommend this training to others; for new Last wstaff as it links to your own policies and for those who would like a refresher session to give an opportunity for deeper reflection on their practice and that of the setting.’

Lynne Newbury, Children’s Centre Leader, Brentry & Henbury Children’s Centre:

I am happy to recommend Mandy Parry as a trainer. As a team we found the training to be delivered in a positive and engaging style. The pace was altered to meet the needs of the team and enabled all participants to engage. At the end of the training delivery evaluation was positive and on checking learning was clearly present after a period of time. Mandy was able to deliver the training at times to suit the needs of my organisation, she used good examples to reinforce learning, and the goals we desired to achieve were well met. I have no hesitation in my recommendation of Mandy to others. In fact we have already engaged her services to fulfill a future training need.’

Sharyn Ayres, Redcliffe Children’s Centre:

‘I liked the mix of teaching methods used which made the training accessible to all learners and the sharing of different scenarios. The team achieved a good overview of safeguarding and child protection for all staff, regardless of previous experience. I would the training to others – Mandy has a professional but a very personable approach.’

Nina Shah: Fostering Foundation, South Gloucestershire:

‘Mandy is clearly experienced and knowledgeable about the subject. She was good at timings and managing group dynamics and it was not hard to keep focussed. She was enthusiastic, dynamic and bouncy! We learned to identify signs and symptoms, understood more about child protection issues and the law. We would recommend her training to others’.

Sue Cripps, Manager St Anne’s Children’s Centre:

‘Training was bespoke to fit our service as Mandy understood her brief perfectly. Having reviewed and revamped my Child Protection Policy, the training was the ideal forum for re-launching the policy and refocusing staff with up to date knowledge and understanding. I would definitely recommend this training because Mandy was so flexible and adaptable. Mandy has a depth of knowledge and understanding of current research and policy and is able to deliver this ‘difficult subject matter’ in a meaningful and professional manner.’

Training delivered to Early Years Staff in North Somerset Council:

Very passionate and very competent trainer and very friendly: would call on Mandy again’. 

‘Fantastic, informative and interesting training. Brilliant! You are a great and fun tutor.’

I’d like to say that the whole day at Clevedon was excellent. Very good lecturer, extremely informative and useful material and a very good opportunity to meet other people involved in various early years settings. Thank you, North Somerset, for giving me (on behalf of St Mary’s PreSchool, Yatton) the opportunity to benefit from this course.’


‘Fantastic training day, Mandy explained and helped us with questions we were unsure of. I have learned a lot today and will be sure to follow it through.’ 

‘Well structured training, good quality handouts, well managed discussions.’ 

‘Right balance of theory/practice – even enjoyed the role plays!